Thanks for letting us lend you " OUR " Helping Hands. We offer Moving
and Maid Services to Utah's Finest! Our company has been built from the
ground up thanks to referrals. We strive to make every client we serve a
member of the Helping Hands Family. We want customers for LIFE!!! We
want to be there to lend you a Helping Hand whenever you may be in 
need of an extra hand, or two, or 8 for that matter. We will ALWAYS BE
THERE TO LEND A HELPING HAND!!! We offer Full-Service Moving and
Maid Services. We serve Commercial and Residential alike and offer a
variety of services such as Full-Service Moves, packing and unpacking
help, Unloading or Loading Help, Delivery Services, dump runs, and we
even help out with little projects such as moving around household goods inside your own home. You don't have to be Moving for us to serve you. Visit us at Helping Hands Moving and Maids for a free quote.

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